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Terms and Conditions

The general terms and conditions will apply to all sale services rendered by MOTANICA WEB SRL via the website to the Client. Do not use the MOTANICA’s website or any of the services provided on it unless you accept the terms and conditions herein.

The general terms and conditions are deemed accepted by the Client by placing an order to MOTANICA, and thus entering legal relations with MOTANICA further to MOTANICA confirming the order; this stands for a services agreement regulating the contractual relation between the two parties.

As per the legal provisions, please note that you shall loose the right to withdrawal once MOTANICA has performed the agreement in full.


Client: Individual/legal entity placing an Order;

Provider: the company MOTANICA WEB SRL, registered with the Trade Register under no. J33/526/2015 CUI: RO34632478, with the main office in Ipotesti, str Luceafarului 1275F, in Suceava, Romania (hereinafter referred to as MOTANICA)

Services - any services offered by MOTANICA WEB SRL, as indicated in the Order, and to be provided by the Provider to the Client.

Order - the agreement between the Provider and the Client whereby MOTANICA undertakes to deliver the services, and the Client undertakes to pay for the value thereof.

Agreement - an Order which is confirmed by the Provider.

By processing an order on the website, the Client agrees to the website’s Terms and Conditions. Order acceptance by MOTANICA is deemed completed at the time of its confirmation by e-mail. No order which is unconfirmed by MOTANICA shall stand for an Agreement.

Placing an Order

Once the desired services have been selected and added to the shopping basket, the Client shall proceed to the payment thereof as per the payment methods detailed under Means of Payment section.

The Clients undertake to enter complete, accurate and true data into the respective form. Domains are registered in keeping with the applicable legislation. MOTANICA cannot be held accountable for any damages caused by any client supplying inaccurate or incomplete information.

The Client agrees to pay for the value of our services in advance for the period during which such are to be supplied (on a monthly or yearly basis).

Service description

sorted list
  1. Dedicated server rental services
  2. Server administration services
  3. SSD Managed Web hosting services
  4. Domain registration (.ro, .com, .org, .net, .eu, .info, .name, .biz, .me,,,, .uk, .be, .fr, .lu)
  5. SSL certificate registration

Back-up policy

The clients have full responsibility for the use of the services. MOTANICA keeps daily, weekly and monthly backups, but it further recommends clients to keep their own backups, considering this is an additional and free-of-charge service. Even considering that the backups are guaranteed, they cannot be fully checked for confirmation of every file or directory. MOTANICA is not liable for the loss of any files and/or information.

Online Payment

MOTANICA only trusts Skrill to collect online payments.

MOTANICA never has access to the payment information of its customers.

Bank transfers Payment

Payment by Warrant of Payment can only be made based on a pro-forma invoice issued by MOTANICA and emailed to the Client.

Order processing and service delivery is subject to confirmation of the payment of the relevant pro-forma invoice into the account below.

Company name: MOTANICA WEB SRL

Bank IBAN account: RO90INGB0000999905383955, SWIFT/BIC: INGBROBU, opened with ING ROMANIA

Irrespective of the currencies available in your account, the payment shall be made in EURO, as per the rate of exchange your bank uses

Suspension of Services for Payment Default

MOTANICA is entitled to suspend any service provided after 5 days since the payment due date of the services, would such payment have not been made yet.

Termination of Account for Payment Default

MOTANICA is entitled to finally delete any date pertaining to the relevant services after 30 days since the payment due date of the services, would such payment have not been made yet.

Uptime (Service Availability)

MOTANICA guarantees an uptime of 100%. Should the services not meet the 100% uptime level, MOTANICA may automatically apply a discount of 5% by hour of downtime happened the month before. We may approve such request at our discretion. The uptime of our servers is defined under the OS reports and our own monitoring systems, which means that it can be different of the uptime reported by other monitoring systems.

Client’s Responsibility

The client has the responsibility to update the contact and billing information indicated in its account. MOTANICA incurs no responsibility whatsoever for the damages occurred as a result of the client no making the necessary updated.

The client is responsible to maintain the security conditions of the username, passwords and other sensitive information. In case of any doubt in this respect, the client has to change or request the authentication date be changed by contacting the support team.

MOTANICA shall not be responsible for any damages caused by the temporary unavailability of our servers for whatever cause. This covers also the damages suffered due to date deterioration or loss

Governing Law - Jurisdiction

The agreement is governed by the Romanian law. Any potential disputes occurred between MOTANICA and the Client will be settled amicably, failure which the disputes are referred for settlement to the Romanian courts of jurisdiction.