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Frequently asked questions

Is your support available 24h/24 and 7/7d ?

Sure ! You can contact us by mail as soon as needed. We also monitor your server every minute, if your server becomes unreachable, our engineers will take immediate actions to limit the downtime as short as possible.

Where are located your Datacenters ?

We use 3 datacenters. For managed and premium servers/services, our infrastructure is located in a last generation green datacenter in Bucharest (Romania). For dedicated servers, we use a datacenter located in Germany and another one located in St Louis (USA).

How is your SLA ?

We offer a SLA of 100%, meaning that except for planned maintenance, if your server is unreachable because of a Network issue, the next billing periodwill be discounted by 5%/hour of downtime (max 100% of your monthly fee).

Do you offer 30 days money back guarantee ?

No, payback fees are too expensive, instead we offer free installation setup and monthly contract you can cancel any time.

What is a Vanity DNS Name ?

When you order a new domain name, it uses our DNS server named ",,", but for certain businesses, it's preferable to rename those name servers by "ns1.yourdomainame.ext, ns2.yourdomainame.ext, ns3.yourdomainame.ext", that's our Vanity DNS option.

What is a Transactional Mailing Gateway ?

Your new server comes with a new IPs, and some mail servers could refuse emails coming from those IPs depending "certain" confidential criteria, reputation,... (especially Microsoft does). Our Transactional Mailing Gateway gives you a relay to IPs well known by Mails providers, with good reputation maintained. It increases the good delivery of your mailing, and reduces spam flags. In another hand, we keep an eye on the mailings you send to be sure our IPs never won't be blacklisted.